i lay my love on you

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"I Lay My Love on You"
Single by Westlife
from the album Coast to tướng Coast
Released29 January 2001
StudioCheiron (Stockholm)
  • RCA
  • BMG
  • Jörgen Elofsson
  • Per Magnusson
  • David Kreuger
  • Per Magnusson
  • David Kreuger
Westlife singles chronology
"What Makes a Man"
"I Lay My Love on You"
"Uptown Girl"
Music video
"I Lay My Love on You" on YouTube

"I Lay My Love on You" is a tuy vậy by Irish boy band Westlife. It was released as the fourth single from their second studio album, Coast to tướng Coast (2000), in January 2001 outside the United Kingdom and Ireland. A Spanish version of the tuy vậy, "En ti deje mi amor", was also recorded and can be found on their South African-only release, Released.[1][2] It is the band's 19th-most streamed tuy vậy in the United Kingdom as of January 2019.[3]

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"I Lay My Love on You", along with "When You're Looking Like That", were not released in the UK. In an interview with Westlife, Mark Feehily said that the main reason behind it was because they had not had as much exposure in Asia and nước Australia.[4]

Music video[edit]

The music Clip features Westlife's activities in Asia, including South Korea, nhật bản, and Singapore. Many parts of the Clip was also shot in Singapore.[5] It also features the band promoting their latest studio album at the time, Coast to tướng Coast. The Clip also interspersed with the band singing.[6]

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Track listings[edit]


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  1. "I Lay My Love on You" (Single Remix) – 3:29
  2. "Dreams Come True" – 3:07
  • CD1 is cased within a digipak and comes with four limited edition photocards.[7][unreliable source]


  1. "I Lay My Love on You" (Single Remix) – 3:29
  2. "Dreams Come True" – 3:07
  3. "My Love" – 3:52
  4. "Nothing Is Impossible" – 3:15

Credits and personnel[edit]


  • Recorded at Cheiron Studios, Stockholm, Sweden
  • Strings recorded at Roam Studios, Stockholm, Sweden


  • Per Magnusson – songwriter, producer, arranger, keyboards, programming
  • David Kreuger – songwriter, producer, arranger, programming
  • Jörgen Elofsson – songwriter
  • Björn Norén – strings recording
  • Bernard Löhr – mixing
  • Esbjörn Öhrwall – acoustic, electric and slide guitars
  • Tomas Lindberg – bass
  • Gustave Lund – percussion
  • Anders von Hofsten – additional backing vocals
  • Björn Engelmann – mastering


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