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Destiny Seeker is a Thai BL series about two engineering students who become university rivals.

Destiny Seeker is a Thai BL series about two feisty university rivals. The main characters attend a prestigious engineering school, which requires all students to lớn live on campus. Both protagonists are the leaders of separate dormitory buildings, which have been involved in an ongoing feud. Despite treating each other as adversaries, the relationship changes in their senior year. They struggle to lớn admit their secret feelings for one another.

I was bored throughout most of Destiny Seeker. The unimaginative plots, choppy storytelling, childish shenanigans, and annoying secret crushes hardly inspired u. However, the series gains momentum in the last few episodes, highlighting a đáng yêu romance. The attractive couple flirts delightfully and delivers a passionate encounter in the finale. That steamy sex scene makes u blush!

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Destiny Seeker Summary

What is the drama called?


Where was the series made?


When was the drama released?


How long is Destiny Seeker?

Around 8 hours

What is the genre?

School romance

How would you describe the series?

Cute and sweet

How many episodes are in Destiny Seeker?

10 episodes

How long is each episode?

Around 45 minutes


Ai and Songkham go from university rivals to lớn lovers in Destiny Seeker.

Ai is a student attending the Unicorn Institute of Technology & Innovation University. This start-up university is a famous institution across Asia. It only accepts engineering majors. Before graduation, seniors can present their project proposals to lớn a panel of investors for financing. If their pitches are successful, they may receive money to lớn turn their business ideas into a reality.

The university has strict rules and requires all students to lớn live on campus. The male student toàn thân is divided into six buildings, each with a faction name. At the start of each year, the freshmen undergo multiple tests during orientation day. These tests range from physical competition to lớn mental quizzes. Based on the results, they will receive a score for each category. Their scores determine which dormitory building they will live in for the next four years.

Ai, a senior in his final year, is the leader of Dorm Building #3. His dorm represents "Charm". Ai is a reliable figurehead and helps his tenants with various day-to-day issues. He shares a dorm room with cảm ứng, his best friend since the first day of school. Ai is also close to lớn Meen, a famous student who works part-time as an actor. Men's celebrity status means he struggles with class attendance and school performances. Ai tries to lớn help him pass his courses.

Ai's dorm building has a heated rivalry with Building #2. This faction is also known as the "Strength" team. Songkhram is the leader of this dorm building. Confident and intelligent, Songkhram often clashes with Ai. None of the students on either side get along with each other. Songkhram also butts heads with Ohm, Ai's childhood friend and relative. Songkhram and Ohm's strained relationship means Ai further opposes his rival.

Ai and Songkhram have treated each other as adversaries for the past four years. Secretly, Songkhram has a crush on his rival and doesn't want to lớn feud with him. However, he's too afraid to lớn confess his feelings. Songkhram's best friend, Bright, also has a crush on Ai. Bright has increased his advances toward Ai recently, making Songkhram nervous. It's their final school year before graduation. Songkhram tries to lớn spend more time with Ai and ease their existing rivalry. Songkhram wants to lớn collect enough confidence to lớn confess his feelings to lớn Ai.

Destiny Seeker Trailer



Bank Nuttawatt Thanathaveeprasert (แบงค์ ณฐวัฒน์ ธนทวีประเสริฐ)

Ai is portrayed by the Thai actor Bank Nuttawatt Thanathaveeprasert (แบงค์ ณฐวัฒน์ ธนทวีประเสริฐ)

Ai is an tự động hóa engineering student and the leader of Dormitory Building #3. He has a heated rivalry with Songkhram. Ai has been best friends with cảm ứng since their first day of university. Ai's mother runs a local restaurant. Ai and Ohm are relatives who attend the same school.

Bank Nuttawatt Thanathaveeprasert

Bank Nuttawatt Thanathaveeprasert (แบงค์ ณฐวัฒน์ ธนทวีประเสริฐ) is a Thai actor. He is born on March 24, 2003.

Bank Nuttawatt Thanathaveeprasert (แบงค์ ณฐวัฒน์ ธนทวีประเสริฐ) is a Thai actor. He is born on March 24, 2003. His first BL project is the 2020 drama, Friend Forever. He stars in the 2023 series, Destiny Seeker.

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Earth Chitsanupong Soeksiri (เอิร์ท ชิษณุพงศ์ เศิกศิริ)

Songkhram is portrayed by the Thai actor Earth Chitsanupong Soeksiri (เอิร์ท ชิษณุพงศ์ เศิกศิริ).

Songkhram is an aerospace engineering student and the leader of Dormitory Building #2. He pretends to lớn have a rivalry with Ai but secretly has a crush on him. Songkhram is scared to lớn confess his feelings. Songkhram's father sells insurance.

Earth Chitsanupong Soeksiri

Earth Chitsanupong Soeksiri (เอิร์ท ชิษณุพงศ์ เศิกศิริ) is a Thai actor. He is born on January 14, 2000.

Earth Chitsanupong Soeksiri (เอิร์ท ชิษณุพงศ์ เศิกศิริ) is a Thai actor. He is born on January 14, 2000. His first BL leading role is the 2023 drama, Destiny Seeker. He also has supporting parts in That's My Candy (2022) and Even Sun (2022).

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Boss Natthaphon Musikanan (บอส ณัฐพล มูสิกะนันท์)

Bright is portrayed by the Thai actor quái vật Natthaphon Musikanan (บอส ณัฐพล มูสิกะนันท์).

Bright is an engineering student and Songkham's best friend. He enjoys playing basketball. Bright and Meen used to lớn be high school friends. However, they are no longer close and barely talk to lớn each other at university. Bright has a secret crush on Ai.

Boss Natthaphon Musikanan

Boss Natthaphon Musikanan (บอส ณัฐพล มูสิกะนันท์) is a Thai actor. He is born on August 19, 1996.

Boss Natthaphon Musikanan (บอส ณัฐพล มูสิกะนันท์) is a Thai actor. He is born on August 19, 1996. His first BL project is the 2023 drama, Destiny Seeker.

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Pre-Saint Nattapat Suwanich (พรีเซ้นต์ ณัฐพัฒน์ สุวานิชย์)

Meen is portrayed by the Thai actor Pre-Saint Nattapat Suwanich (พรีเซ้นต์ ณัฐพัฒน์ สุวานิชย์).

Meen is an engineering student and Ai's friend. He is a famous actor who stars in a popular drama. However, his acting schedule conflicts with his class attendance and school performance. He struggles to lớn get passing grades. Meen and Bright used to lớn be high school friends, but their relationship isn't as close anymore.

Supporting Cast

Pluster is one of the university freshmen.


Bright's roommate

Nano is one of the university freshmen.


Meen's roommate

Touch is portrayed by the Thai actor Tong Supanut Sudjinda (ศุภณัฐ สุดจินดา).


Ai's best friend

Ohm is portrayed by the Thai actor Neptune Bhurichon Khumsiri (เนปจูน ภูริชล คุ้มศิริ).


Ai's relative

Ai has a close relationship with his supportive mom.

Ai's mom

Ai's parent

Songkhram has a decent relationship with his father.

Songkham's dad

Songkham's parent

Amberly is a wealthy student at Ai and Songkhram's school.


Songkham's friend

Amberly's mom is one of the investors on the panel.

Amberly's mom

Amberly's parent

Amberly is a part of Ai's group project.

Amberly's friend

Amberly's friend

Tum is a former university dorm leader.


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Ohm's senior

The professor warns Meen about his grades.


Ai's professor

Tony works for Stark Enterprise.


Stark Enterprise boss

Ohm doesn't get along with his father.

Ohm's dad

Ohm's parent

Bae is Meen's boyfriend.


Meen's boyfriend

Nucleus is in charge of the school dorms.


School authority

Cast Highlights

  • Songkhram's actor (Earth) had supporting roles in the 2022 Thai BL series Even Sun and That's My Candy.
  • Ai's actor (Bank) previously appeared in the 2020 drama Friend Forever.
  • The actor portraying cảm ứng (Tong) had a supporting role in the 2022 BL drama Unforgotten Night.

Destiny Seeker Review


Ai and Songkhram come close to lớn kissing.

Destiny Seeker lacks a compelling plot. It's one of those superficial BL dramas you watch primarily to lớn see hot guys flirt and make out. If we judge from a storytelling perspective, the quality is unacceptable. The generic series shows little imagination, from the clichéd tropes to lớn the childish shenanigans. Episode after episode, the uneventful narrative bores u with its pointlessness. Destiny Seeker quickly loses my interest with a blur of dull, forgettable, and formulaic scenes.

What actually happened in the first half of Destiny Seeker? I don't recall anything noteworthy. The series begins with a confusing introduction and spends too long on a meaningless university orientation ceremony. The second episode nosedives into a debt-collection storyline, which stands out only because the events are sánh outlandish. Afterwards, the characters vì thế school assignments, go on a beach trip, and bicker incessantly. Before I knew it, this BL drama was halfway finished without significant developments, overarching plots, or memorable climaxes. What a waste of time.

Destiny Seeker takes too long to lớn progress the couple. Ai and Songkhram spend most of the series in a stagnant dynamic. We learn Songkhram likes Ai in the early episodes, yet he doesn't confess his feelings for whatever reason. The other characters also have secret crushes on each other, creating an annoyingly tangled trang web of unrequited love. It isn't fun watching everyone pine after each other lượt thích timid schoolboys. All the couples, including the secondary pairings, progress slowly and mundanely. None of the romances gain momentum until late in the narrative.

After losing interest in Destiny Seeker, the drama improves during the last few episodes. Once the leads are paired up, they make adorable boyfriends with delightful interactions. From đáng yêu flirting to lớn playful teasing, the surprisingly enjoyable BL material revitalizes the narrative. The leads share a comfortable rapport, but it's only revealed near the kết thúc when they get together. The series should've highlighted their sparks sooner instead of keeping them apart for sánh long. I wonder how many viewers grew impatient and quit Destiny Seeker before seeing the couple in action. 

Destiny Seeker features two attractive stars (Bank and Earth). I spent most of the series gazing at the eye candy since the boring plot couldn't hold my attention. They should've been a marketable BL couple based on their above-average looks and easygoing chemistry. Yet, the weak love story minimizes their potential. Likewise, the secondary leads (Boss and Pre-Saint) are physically appealing, but their characters seem incompatible. I don't ship Bright and Meen due to lớn a crappy storyline. Destiny Seeker squanders a handsome cast with lacklustre nội dung.

Destiny Seeker has a happy ending as both leads succeed in their ambitions after graduation. However, the events feel rushed and could've been explored more thoroughly. The highlight of the finale is a sizzling sexual encounter that makes u blush. Oh my god, the couple's steamy tongue-to-tongue action almost crosses into softcore erotica territory! I wish Destiny Seeker had displayed this boldness earlier instead of meandering aimlessly for sánh long. Despite the glimpses of romance, a bland BL drama that only shines in the final stretch is difficult to lớn recommend.


Generic story

Destiny Seeker has a dull, formulaic story with clichéd tropes, childish shenanigans, and annoying secret crushes. After losing my interest, the stagnant narrative perks up in the last few episodes.

Delightful romance

The story takes too long to lớn pair up Ai and Songkham. Once together, they make an adorable couple with đáng yêu flirting scenes. Their steamy encounter in the finale is the highlight of the series.

Fine acting

The attractive leads (Bank and Earth) make a marketable couple with easygoing chemistry. The cast gives fine performances, even though the lightweight material doesn't challenge them as actors.

Happy ending

Destiny Seeker has a happy ending as the couple pursues their ambitions successfully. The conclusion is okay, but the events feel rushed. The finale also showcases a sizzling sexual encounter.

Decent artistry

The visuals look decent, although there's room for improvement. The outdoor scenes tend to lớn be more dynamic and vibrant. When the series films inside, there's sometimes a slightly low-budget feel.


Destiny Seeker is a generic university BL series with forgettable plots that stagnate for most of the story. It improves in the last few episodes, showcasing a đáng yêu telegenic couple that flirts delightfully.

Destiny Seeker Episodes

Episode Guide

  • Start Date February 14, 2023
  • End Date April 11, 2023
  • Episodes 10 episodes
  • Episode Length 45 minutes

Destiny Seeker has a total of 10 episodes. Each episode is around 45 minutes long. It is a long BL drama, and you can finish the entire series in under 8 hours. Destiny Seeker started on February 14, 2023 and ended on April 11, 2023.

Episode 1

Episode 2

Episode 3

Episode 4

Episode 5

Episode 6

Episode 7

Episode 8

Episode 9

Episode 10

Episode Reviews

Episode 1

Destiny Seeker doesn't make the best first impression with a chaotic introduction. What a weird transition from freshman to lớn senior year. It spends too long on the pointless orientation.

Episode 2

This debt storyline is really dumb and dull. I'm quickly losing interest in this series, which desperately needs better plots. All these secret crushes are annoying. Just confess already, geez.

Episode 3

I'm bored. I don't wanna watch the characters vì thế school assignments or fret about their secret crushes. Why doesn't Songkhram just confess his feelings? His behaviour is beyond obvious.

Episode 4

This episode is better. It focuses on a small group of characters, creating a tighter narrative. I also lượt thích meeting Ai's mom and seeing her interactions with everyone. The love triangle drama is blah.

Episode 5

Not the generic beach retreat episode! This series follows a typical BL playbook. All the plots are sánh pointless and go nowhere interesting. Can Ai and Songkham just get together already?

Episode 6

I can't believe the freshmen hooked up earlier phàn nàn the leads. Too bad I don't care about their characters. Why is it taking sánh long for Ai & Songkham to lớn get together? Stop dragging out the romance!

Episode 7

Finally, Ai & Songkham are together! Better late phàn nàn never. I didn't know Meen & Bright shared sánh much complicated history. Bright acts lượt thích a jerk to lớn Meen. I don't ship the secondary couple.

Episode 8

I'm shocked! I really liked this episode! Ai and Songkham make an adorable couple. Their lovey-doveyness is sánh đáng yêu. 😚 Also, hiding the relationship from their friends is a funny subplot.

Episode 9

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Hehe, Ai and Songkham are such a lovey-dovey couple. I feel bad their friends foiled the date, but the events are đáng yêu and lighthearted. OMFG. Ohm's presentation pitch is vile. What a jackass!

Episode 10

OMG. The sexual encounter is really gutsy! I must dim the lights, close the curtains, and whisper a prayer to lớn God while watching the scene repeatedly. 😳 What's up with those ugly masks!? LMAO.

Destiny Seeker Information