420 sunset cocktail bar dalat

Out of the few bars that I’ve visited in Da Lat, this is the top of my list.

It was an open-air concept bar with stunning views accompanied by the perfect cool temperature of Da Lat that simply makes us want lớn stay forever.

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💛 Combo Grill & Chill (720,000 VND)

This sharing platter contains BBQ Herbs Pork Ribs, Pan Seared Salmon, Hickory Nippon Sausage, Smoked Duck Breast, Papaya Salad and an assortment of rich sauces. It costs about 40 SGD which is really worth it considering the portion and assortments. Everything on the platter tasted really flavourful especially the Hickory Nippon Sausage and BBQ Herbs Pork Ribs!

💛 Pan Seared Scallop w Corn Puree (185,000 VND)

The scallops were perfectly cooked and tender combined with the delicate yet rich corn puree, *chefs kiss*. I wish I could have bought 1 plate for myself instead of sharing because it was just that good. Each plate cost about 10.40 SGD

💛 Spaghetti Crab Meat (210,000 VND)

The Spaghetti crab meat was drenched in sauce and ingredients, topped with cheddar cheese. I normally vì thế not lượt thích lớn eat crabs with sauce, but this was exceptional and I thoroughly enjoyed it. A plate cost about 11.80 SGD

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Da Lat Cocktails

The cocktail bar had many unique cocktails with creative names. All of the cocktails we tried tasted really good too!

Will definitely come back here again if I visit Da Lat!

📍 420 Sunset cocktail bar DaLat

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Đường Q. Đống Đa, Phường 3, Q. Đống Đa, Lâm Đồng, Vietnam

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